Thursday, June 16, 2011

Board of Management of St. Thomas’ National School

The present parents representatives on the Board of Management will be coming to the end of their four year term in November 2011. Elections will take place in October 2011. Today there are 3,104 primary schools in Ireland under the patronage and management of the Catholic Bishops. Every board consists of the following 8 personnel.
The Chairperson: Mrs. Mary Creaven
The Chairperson is appointed by the Patron (Bishop Martin Drennan)
The Patron shall also nominate a second member to the Board of Management, and in our case it is Fr. Patrick Callanan.
The Principal of the school: Mrs. Bríd O’Donnell
Parents: two parents of children enrolled in the school, one being a mother and the other being a father are elected by fellow parents.
A staff representative: this position is held by Mrs. Geraldine Nolan. within the “Rules of the National Schools” and within “Department of Education and Skills” Guidelines.
The final two additional members are nominees. Boards responsibilities are wide and varied, in essence their primary roll is to ensure the school operations One can appreciate the arduous and responsible task these people accept by joining the Board of Management
The present parent reps are Teresa Mannion who is treasurer and Allan Massey who has responsibility for Health and Safety. Teresa co-signs, deals with the bank, lodgements, keeps detailed accurate accounts which are audited every year and also inspected by the Patron or his representative. Allan does regular health and safety checks within the school and its environs. As part of this he checks first aid kits and replaces used items. He attends matches in his role as paramedic. He comes into school regularly to give talks on health and safety issues e.g. tarmacadam burns prevention, how to deal with minor accidents etc… He acts as steward to ensure safe arrival and dismissal of pupils (correct parking etc…). T
The nominated members of the Board of Management are Francis Walsh (Maintenance Officer) and Mary Cooney (Community Rep.) you will be all aware of the many varied jobs Francis Walsh has, all done on a voluntary basis. All board members serve in a voluntary capacity and no expenses are paid.

All matters dealt with are confidential

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