Friday, September 24, 2010

Mattie Farrrell Revisits his old school...

On the 21st of September Mattie Farrell revisited his old school.Mattie was a past pupil in 1944 he was suprised to see how the school had changed by 2010.He spoke about sports that he did such as hurling.Mattie began school at 5 years old,his first teacher was Mrs. Shaughnessy,his second was Mrs. Murray and finally his last teacher was Mr. Murray.Matties typical school day was,he got up had his breakfast,milked the cows,wore a shirt,pants and cardigan he wore boots in the winter and no boots in the summer.He strolled up along the fields to the school,had break at 11:00,lunch at 12:30 3:00 home time.When he arrived home he did the weeding,picked stones then homework and then bed time.
Matties favourite three things about shool were hurling,home time and eating lunch.The three things he disliked and school was Mr.Murray,writing and spelling.It was a great experience to have Mattie Farrell talk to us about his time spent in Peterswell National School.

By:Marie Farrell,Keeley Mannion and Ciara Doran.

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